OCZ Z Series 650 Watt Power Supply
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-03-2009
Provided by: OCZ Technology
A Closer Look

It's always cool when UPS brings you a box that says “PC Power and Cooling” on the side. If you didn't know, PC P&C is a division of OCZ Technology. The Z Series is in a nice looking box with graphics of the PSU on the front. Displayed are badges proclaiming: SLI Ready, 80Plus Silver, and 5 Year Warranty. The rear of the box tells about a few more features.

Open the box, the PSU is protected by bubble wrap and its own cables.

The OCZ Z Series 650 power supply is a non-modular PSU. It is finished in a black satin powder coat. The cables are finished in heavy black mesh. The power supply is cooled by a single 120mm fan.

On both sides of the PSU is a label that leaves no question as to the brand or model. A very thoughtful idea from OCZ, the labels face the opposite directions, so a label will be on the outside in the correct direction regardless of whether the PSU is mounted in the top or bottom of the case. Something else a little different, the sides of the PSU are vented.

The rear of the PSU has a nice open honeycomb mesh.

The Z Series 650 has four +12v rails with 18A on each rail. You'll find 700 watt power supplies costing 50 bucks more than this power supply sporting the same specs. This is a lot of power supply for the price.

The rails are cooled by three heavy cast aluminum heatsinks. Not as large as some, but more than sufficient.

Not much of a bundle with the Z Series 650: a Velcro tie, some screws, and an 18ga cord. This helps keep the price down.

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