AeroCool Zero Degree Flexi Case
Author: OCIA Staff
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-21-2006
Provided by: Case-Mod

Moving on to the interior of the case, we see the two desginated spots for mounting hard drives above the PSU and get another look of the top to bottom 5.25" bay. We can also get an idea from this picture of how difficult it would be to install a hard drive in this case without the removable rear plate. Next to impossible without removing everything in the lower half of the 5.25" bay, as well as the bezel door or at least half of front bay covers. However there is no limit on PSU depth.

Turning toward the front we get a rear shot of the front panel connector and front mounted 120mm blue LED fan.

Moving down we find a second mount for either a second 120mm fan or a single 120mm radiator for a watercooling setup.

All of the metal edges inside of this case are rolled, to help prevent you from cutting yourself while working with it.

A closer look at the rear fan area -- again you have the freedom of using either two 80mm fans or a single 120mm fan for rear exhaust. The I/O plate pre-installed in the case is removed with two screws.

The internal speaker of the case is on the left side of the 5.25" bay directly behind the front bezel. I like it here out of the way, I can zip-tie the cord, let it hang, and it will never be seen.

Focusing on the mainboard area of the case, we find stand-offs already in place for an ATX motherboard. A full set of pci slot covers are included, each screwed into place. I much prefer this old standard method of card mounting compared to some of the newer plastic mechanisms with sliding pieces that easily break and don't hold cards firmly to begin with. Although a lot of manufacturers stick to this standard, not every includes an individual cover for each slot, too many use the break-away slot covers which leave an unsightly hole later down the road.

Removing all the 5.25" bay covers gives us a full view of the bay from top to bottom. The two horizontal plastic supports you see may get in the way of installing a drive, but the instructions say to just cut them away if so. I don't understand why they weren't cut away during production, though.

Flipping the case upside-down we can get a look at the wiring of the modular front panel without removing it. The Power and Reset wires are separated from the Hard drive and Power LED wires, nice and organized.

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