AeroCool Zero Degree Flexi Case
Author: OCIA Staff
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-21-2006
Provided by: Case-Mod
First Look

The front panel connector is a modular 5.25" face which includes; Power and Hard Disk LED, Microphone and headphone jack, Reset, Power, and two USB 2.0 ports. You have the freedom to move this to any spot in the 5.25" bay that you wish, however the top spot is the only place where you'll be able to access it without opening the bezel door.

The hole in the bezel door mentioned earlier has a diamon-cut effect which can be seen in the image. It compliments the black mesh and Aero Cool logo well.

Opening the bezel door we get a look at the top to bottom 5.25" bay. Like I mentioned earlier, the front panel can be mounted anywhere; the top spot is just the most accessible. One bay cover has a hole cut for a 3.5" device, like a floppy drive, fan controller or card reader. The mesh on the front bezel door is screwed into place, so it could be removed later on for cleaning.

The front bezel door is held closed with the magnets seen in the picture.

Viewing the case from the rear, it really looks like an upside-down ATX. This rear plate is interchangeable for either an ATX or BTX motherboard. Each side panel comes with two thumb screws for easy removal. This case gives you the choice of using either two 80mm fans or a single 120mm fan for rear exhaustion, and has a removable plate for mounting the PSU through the rear.

Not very visible directly from the rear is a tab for locking the right side panel to your case if you so desire.

Moving down we get a closer look at the removable plate for mounting the PSU through the rear of the case. We see on the next page that there is no other possible way to get the PSU in this spot other than through the rear.

This is the same meshed ventilation hole we see in the last picture, just from the bottom. This will help keep dust out of the PSU while helping to keep heat from the PSU out of the case all together. The mesh is also held on with screws rather than rivets, so you can remove and clean it.

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