Zalman Fatal1ty FC-ZE1 Champ1on Series Aluminum Case
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 11-26-2006
Provided by: Zalman
Exterior Cont.

Below we have a shot of the rear of the case.

Again, the same theme has flowed over from the rest of the case.

And here we have a close-up of the lower portion where the add-in cards mount. I included this picture mainly because this is the first case I have ever seen that has a warning about not removing a panel and thus voiding the warranty.

Here we have a closer look at the upper portion of the Fatal1ty. The 120mm free-flowing fan is a nice addition which should help to exhaust plenty of warm air from within. My editor-aspect stood out here and I noticed that "minimum" is misspelled (directly above the 120mm fan).

More ahead as we take a look at the right side panel...

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