XTracPads Pro Mousepad and Mad Dotz
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-10-2007
Provided by: XTracPads

Installation of the Pro mousepad is easy, simply lift up the old mousepad and toss then place the new mousepad on your surface. Actually I did take the time to wipe down the top of the keyboard tray with some all-purpose cleaner first. After laying the new pad down, right away I noticed that the XTrac Pro did not slide around like the old one did. The sure grip rubber backing definitely lives up to its description.

I also cleaned the mouse thoroughly with the included alcohol pad, starting on the bottom and working my way around to the top. While I was at it I disassembled it and cleaned all the dirt that had accumulated around the buttons and scroll wheel over the last couple of years. Once it was back together and looking nice and fresh (or as fresh as a 5-year-old mouse can look) I peeled the Dotz from their backing strip and stuck them over the four bumps where the stock feet used to be. They must call them Mad Dotz because trying to get ahold of the edge to peel the Dotz from the strip will definitely make you Mad. I grew frustrated with trying to use a fingernail after crumpling the edges of one, and ended up using the blade of a small pocket knife to get them started. Once you do get them off the backing they also like to curl up, then you're fighting to get the thing uncurled so you can place it precisely on the mouse.

Aside from some small bubbles/ridges that got trapped under two of the Dotz, they did go on the mouse feet fairly smoothly. With 36 included in the package there are certainly plenty more to try if you botch up the install too badly. After flipping the mouse back over, now with the PTFE-covered feet and soft new cloth surface, it was immediately noticeable that movement was very much improved.

On to final thoughts and conclusion.

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