Apevia X-Jupiter Type G Tower
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-20-2007
Provided by: Apevia
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Since I reviewed the Type S in the Junior case it was nice to have a look at the Type G this time. Just like with the Jr., the difference in types is in the side panel, either solid or windowed. Although the full-size X-Jupiter appears to share the same styling as the Jr. there are subtle differences. Both use the same mesh covering the front panel and have the Apevia name light up, however the X-Jupiter's door is made from aluminum rather than plastic. The finish on the X-Jupiter is a bit smoother as well, although still a semi-gloss surface it feels like a better paint job. There is a slight color difference between the door and the rest of the case; it looks like the aluminum is black whereas everything else is gunmetal. But it's hard to notice at a casual glance and even after you do pick it out it contrasts well and doesn't look bad or out of place at all.

The windowed side panel has a lockable sliding handle and is further secured by two thumbscrews in the rear. The window fits flush with the side and there are no visible attachment points (those are hidden in the chrome corner trim pieces). The 120mm side fan uses a slotted opening with a silver mesh behind it, covering the fan. The rear of the case features two more 120mm exhaust fans with a nice and open, free-flowing hole design. There is no I/O shield included however that is something that normally comes with your motherboard and since they all use different layouts it's not really a big deal. Likewise there is no power supply but there is a standard ATX style opening in the normal location at the top of the case.

The back side of the case is featureless although you will notice the fold-out plastic feet at the bottom. These are present on both sides and can be turned either in or out, or can be removed completely if you prefer the bottom of the case to rest flat on the floor. At the front you will notice two fan controller knobs instead of just the X-Jupiter Jr's. one, as well as a similar LCD temperature display. There are two USB ports in that same area which were not present on the smaller sibling. The back side of the door is not quite as smooth as the Jr. model's, although I like the fact that this one only goes halfway down. This leaves the bottom half of the panel stationary and the openings behind the mesh that the front fan draws air through are much less restrictive. Like the Jr. model, the X-Jupiter power and reset buttons are hidden behind the door but they are made of metal here, not plastic. Likewise the clip that holds the door shut is also metal, a big improvement over the plastic clips that close the Jr's. door.

The top houses USB, Firewire and audio ports, just as the Jr. did, however on the X-Jupiter the ports are angled towards the front which should make them easier to access. Also the power and hard drive activity lights have been relocated to this same panel. Additionally there is a spot on top for a blowhole fan to be mounted, either 80mm or 120mm size, although one is not included. Along the right edge is a switch to open or shut off the opening in the panel, although even when open there would be a large amount of restriction to any exhaust fan mounted inside due to the small size of the holes.

I really prefer the shiny look of bare aluminum to the dull-gray appearance of painted steel, however I noticed quite a few marks on the outside of the X-Jupiter which appear to have come from handling during assembly. Hey Apevia, it wouldn't be a bad idea for workers to wear latex gloves, both to protect the case finish and to help protect their hands from scrapes and cuts.

Continue for a tour inside the X-Jupiter tower.

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