Apevia X-Jupiter Type G Tower
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-20-2007
Provided by: Apevia
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Just two short weeks ago I was writing the review on the Apevia X-Jupiter Jr. and happened to make some comparisons to its full-size X-Jupiter sibling. I pointed out that despite its smaller size the Jr. felt plenty roomy and how I preferred a mid-tower case anyway. However I did complain a bit about the front panel door and rear riser slot brackets and mentioned how they should think about including another fan. Well after reading my comments the folks at Apevia decided it might not be a bad idea to put one of the full tower X-Jupiter cases in my hands, so they sent over a metallic gray Type G for a first-hand look.

The X-Jupiter arrived in a box that was strikingly similar to that of the Junior version, just bigger of course. One thing I noticed immediately was how light it felt when I lifted it inside. The shipping label said 30 pounds but I knew there was no way that could be true. Like the Jr., the X-Jupiter is available in four color choices: black, blue, silver and metallic gray with two side panel options: either solid or with a window, for a total of eight different configurations possible. The case is packed front panel facing up and is protected by a clear plastic bag and Styrofoam end caps. The Type G also includes a second sheet of plastic covering the side window to help protect it from scratches.

After taking it out of the box and removing the packing materials I set the X-Jupiter on a digital scale and wasn't surprised when it registered only 15.8 pounds. That's a few pounds less than the steel mid-tower Junior. Hah, 30 pound shipping weight my foot.

Continue as I take a closer look at the X-Jupiter.

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