Sanyo Xacti CG6 Digital Camcorder
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 04-15-2008
Provided by: Geeks
Menus and Options

As mentioned earlier, powering the unit on is very easy. Just open the LCD screen and unit will come to life. Alternately, you can use the On/Off button "hidden" under the swivel screen.

First we will look at the Recordings menu. In the first menu, you can select the recording mode, photo resolution, photo scene assistance, photo filter, flash options and self-timer options. The second menu offers options for image stabilization, focus options, focus mode, exposure measure, ISO settings and white balance settings.

The first options menu allows us to adjust the clock settings, information display, startup display, operation beep, post view and wind noise reduction. The second menu allows for image noise reduction, image settings, flicker reduction, digital zoom settings, shortcuts and brightness. The final menu has options for language settings, TV system selection, power save options, file number reset options, formatting options and an option to reset the camera back to its default settings.

Once you have taken some videos / photos, you can do a lot of adjusting to those in the Playback menu. Here, you can adjust playback mode, slideshow playback, lock/unlock files, delete files and copy files. The next menu has options for rotate, resize, edit photo, edit video, printing options and smooth playback.

That pretty much covers the basics of the options menu. Let's move ahead and check out some sample video clips and photos...

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