Sanyo Xacti CG6 Digital Camcorder
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 04-15-2008
Provided by: Geeks
First Look

Package contents include, from left to right, a quick start guide, two software pack discs (disc 1 - Motion Director SE 1.1, QuickTime 7 + iTunes 6, Ulead Photo Explorer for Mac 2.0, Instruction Manual. disc 2 - Ulead DVD MovieFactor 5.0 SE, Ulead Photo Explorer 8.5SE Basic), a safety manual and an instruction manual.

As for included accessories, we get a soft carrying bag for the CG6, a battery charger with battery, a power cable for the charger, a set of RCA cables to connect the camera to your TV, a USB cable, a neck strap and a lens cover with strap.

Here we have the CG9 digital movie camera. Sanyo's website lists the CG6 in three colors: Silver, Pink and Blue. I received the blue, although it isn't blue, it's a really deep purple. The color is hard to see indoors and appears black. Only when you are outside under direct sunlight does the color really show.

Only the left panel of the camera is colored; the rest of the unit is black with silver trim. The left side panel folds out into a 2.5" swivel LCD screen. There is no viewfinder on this camera, so you must use the LCD screen to see what is being viewed/recorded. The two slots you see in the side panel are for the stereo microphone. Just above this on the solid part of the camera is the external speaker.

On the front of the camera is a flash, 5x optical zoom lens and the A/V output panel. The right side of the camera is rather plain and only displays the Sanyo logo and product name.

More just ahead...

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