Western Digital My Passport Essential 320GB External Drive
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-30-2010

I tested the WD Passport HDD using both HDTune (v2.55) and the SiSoft Sandra Lite (v2010.1641) Physical Disk benchmark. I ran each test after loading 20GB of test files and prior to installing the included software. I did notice that the included software takes up its own 614mb partition so you do lose some space right off the top.

Test System Specifications:

Dell Latitude D630
Intel Core 2 Duo T7300@ 2.00GHz
Hitachi 80GB HDD
Windows XP Pro

The first thing I noticed on this graph is consistency. The average transfer rate of 27.9 MB/s stays the same throughout the test. The specs list it as capable of the max USB 2.0 transfer rate of 480MB/s, though in this test we are not seeing the full speed. The CPU usage was a little higher than I have seen on other drives but doesn't affect the overall computing experience.

The SiSoft Sandra Physical Disk benchmark told me pretty much the same story. It is showing solid performance and right in line with comparable drives.

Let's move ahead and check out the SmartWare software before wrapping everything up.

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