Western Digital 320GB USB/FireWire My Book
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 04-03-2007
Provided by: Geeks.com
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The very first thing I did once the My Book was installed was format it. I did this because the My Book comes default running a FAT32 file system to increase compatibility across multiple platforms. I did a quick format to NTFS which took less than a minute and now, I am ready to use the My Book.

This is the main screen of the WD Backup program. From here you can select from two categories: Back up and Restore. The Back up option provides a drop-down menu, giving you the option to backup specific types of data (such as only photos, videos and music) or you can select advanced backup and decide exactly which files / folders you want to make copies of.

Here we see the Photo, Video, Music screen. You can specify which types of files you want to backup. Clicking on each file type will bring up a window that allows you to specify the file formats for that particular category. One of my favorite features of the My Book is the ability to do Incremental Backups. For example, instead of backing up all of your pictures, you can have the WD Backup software only add files that are new since your last backup. This will save a ton of time as you won't need to rewrite all of the files time and time again.

This is the Schedule Backup window. From here, you can select which files you want to maintain a constant backup of. You can see here that I have scheduled a backup of my Outlook Express e-mail data to be run at 11:40 PM every night. Being able to schedule a backup is great. I have a terrible memory and tend to forget about backing up mission-critical files. Now, I just set it and forget it!

Restoring a backup is just as easy as creating one. Simply click the Restore menu on the main screen, select your backup file and you will get a wizard as seen above. The wizard will ask you which specific files you want to restore and if you want to restore them to their original location or place them elsewhere. Then, just click restore and the My Book will do the rest.

Of course, you don't have to make use of the WD Backup software. You can manually copy files to and from the drive from My Computer. That is totally up to you.

Now that we have covered the WD Backup software, move ahead as we put the My Book through some synthetic benchmarks and real-world testing...

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