Western Digital 320GB USB/FireWire My Book
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 04-03-2007
Provided by: Geeks.com
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First Look

Inside the package we find the drive itself, a quick install guide, power cable, USB 2.0 cable and a FireWire cable. The power cable is two pieces, with a small "power brick" inline. The USB and FireWire cables seem pretty standard, and actually a bit short. An extra foot or two in length would have been nice, should you happen to have your system sitting on the ground and don't have front I/O ports.

Here we have a 360-degree view of the My Book. Right away it's clear to see where the name of the product comes from - it looks like a book! The front of the My Book has two clear rings. The inner ring is lit with a blue LED to show the remaining free space on the drive. The outer ring also has a blue LED and acts as an activity light, flashing when data is copied to or from the My Book. A button lies in the center of the inner ring and is used to turn the drive on/off. Each side of the My Book has a Western Digital logo in the center. Moving around to the back of the unit, we find a DC in port, USB port and two FireWire ports. Above the top FireWire port is a Kensington security lock connection. This would allow you to lock up the drive to prevent someone from stealing it.

The My Book has air vents on three of the four corners to allow plenty of fresh air in and keep the internal hard drive from overheating. I like the "randomness" of the vent designs, it really adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the enclosure. In the last picture, you will notice the edges of the My Book are raised on one side of the case. The other side is indented slightly. This will allow you to horizontally stack several My Books should you need more than one. If you only need one My Book, you can lay it flat or have it sit upright like a book, your choice.

More on the My Book just ahead...

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