Apevia Warlock Power 750 Watt Power Supply
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-10-2008
Provided by: Apevia
A Closer Look (continued)

The cable connectors, sleeving, and heatshrink are all UV reactive blue. Apevia really has a UV thing going on. The last two Apevia cases I've had were equipped with UV reactive hardware. I wish I'd known before receiving this PSU; I'd have gotten a UV light to place in the case to show this off. I'm not really into lighting anymore, but I'd have done it for you guys to see.

The cable sleeving is heavy nylon mesh, maybe the thickest I've seen. The sleeving is finished in heavy heatshrink which runs all the way to the connectors. This makes for a very clean look, though you will give up some flexibility between the connectors and the cables. That usually isn't an issue except with the SATA power connectors.

The cables are quite long, and should be plenty long enough to use in a full tower. The cables are:

- 1 x 20+4
- 2 x standard power, each with four 4-pin Molex and one floppy connector
- 1 x 8-pin ATX12v (this isn't two 4-pin connectors, but one solid 8-pin. Be aware that it may not fit some older motherboards, though I guess that every motherboard I've had in the last four years will accommodate an 8-pin connector)
- 2 x SATA power, each with three SATA power connectors
- 2 x PCI-E power, each with one 6-pin SATA power connector, and one 8/6-pin power connector (8-pin connectors that allow for two pins to be removed for use in a 6-pin socket)

Opening your power supply will void the warranty, so I wouldn't recommend doing this with your unit, but I decided to so we could observe the inner workings of the Warlock.

Since the interior of the power supply is so visible, Apevia has decided to add some color to the normally drab PSU components. The rail heatsinks are blue anodized, and the main transformer is also blue. There are as many heatsinks as you'd expect in a budget-priced higher wattage power supply - not as many as in an upper-end one, but enough to keep things fairly cool.

Of special note are the filter capacitors. These are by far the largest filter capacitors I've seen in a PC power supply. Being into old vacuum tube amplifiers and the like, I have a real appreciation for large capacitors, mainly because of size and cost. Actually, they take up space that could be used for additional heatsink fins, but I still like them.

If you wondered how a fan can have more than one color LED, take a look at the wiring. There are four copper strips on the ribbon that goes around the fan.

Included with the Warlock is a cord, user's manual, four thumbscrews and some Velcro wire ties.

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