Apevia Warlock Power 750 Watt Power Supply
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-10-2008
Provided by: Apevia

Last night I was looking at the user reviews of a video card I was thinking about buying at a popular online hardware retailer's site. There were several reviews that gave the video card bad marks. Every bad review gave symptoms that were synonymous with using an underpowered PSU. One review in particular really caught my eye: I have a new 500 Watt power supply with Pci Express connectors so the card was not under powered....

I spend a fair amount of time helping people in forums with their hardware problems. Probably 75% of all problems I have been involved with ended up being due to a marginal or underpowered PSU. In my opinion, a 500 watt power supply is not large enough for any motherboard or video card built for the enthusiast market in the last one to two years. Yet people still spend $30 bucks on a 350-500 watt PSU thinking that it should be enough for their $1500 rig. My rule of thumb: If you can hear your PSU fan, or if the fan is blowing hot instead of warm air, the power supply most likely isn't large enough.

Apevia (formerly Aspire) has been around since early 1999. Their chassis, power supplies and peripherals are very popular. Personally, I have owned four Apevia/Aspire cases and a power supply. The power supply was a 500 watt unit that I used for a couple of months, then gave it to a friend in need. He is still using it four years later in a file server that is used pretty much daily.

The Warlock series is their brand new line of power supplies. Besides this 750 watt model, they also have a 900 watt and 1100 watt model. All three have similar features and a 3-year warranty. Will the Warlock 750 blow us away, and make our mouths water for the larger models? Read on to see.

The Warlock 750 comes packaged in this attractive box, which is somewhat reminiscent of their chassis packaging. There are plenty of photos and features on the box. Inside, the PSU is well protected by Styrofoam and the PSU's cables.


Model Number: ATX-WA750W
AC Input: 115V/230V, 60Hz/50Hz
DC Output: 750W

DC Output:
- +3.3V....25A
- +5V....30A
Combined Power Max 150W

- +12V....25A; 25A; 25A; 25A
Max 648W (54A)

- -12V....0.6A Max 7.2W
- +5VSB....3.0A Max 15W

Total Total Output power 750W Max

If you'll notice, the Warlock 750 has four +12v rails with 25A on each rail. I have seen 800-850 power supplies from reputable well-known companies with only 18-22A on four rails. That is very impressive.


Aluminum with high-tech titanium coated case
High quality multi-color coated components and class-fibrous PCB to avoid warping
Fire-resistant acrylic windows
LED color switch for blue, red or green light
Excellent ventilation: 1 x 135mm ball bearing LED fan
Super silent: Thermally controlled automatic sensor to regulate fan speed and reduce noise
Wire management: fully sleeved cables to avoid clutter and improve airflow
UV reactive connectors, switch and wire sleeves
Protection: Short circuit/ Under voltage/ Over voltage/ Over current/ Over power/ Over temperature protection
Safety approval: UL, CUL, CE, CB, TUV
Quad 12V Rails for ATX V2.2 and EPS 12V V2.92 application.
Supports Nvidia SLI, ATI Cross Fire
Supports Dual/Quad Core CPUs
High efficient circuit design
100% Burn-in test/ Hi-pot test/ Vibration test/ Leak Current test

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