Vizo Technology Luxon 3.5 Inch HDD Enclosure
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-23-2006
Provided by: Viso Technology
Closer Look

Looking at the goodies that came in the box, I see items I'd expect with an external drive enclosure? an IDE jumper, a power jumper, a USB cable. What's this other stuff?

After taking a look at the specs, I realize why there is so much stuff included with the Luxon. It will support either IDE or SATA drives, and interfaces by either SATA or USB. An external drive with an SATA interface, you may ask?

Here's how that is accomplished... a SATA bus mounted in a PCI slot. The cable is 11.5" (29cm), which should be long enough to reach the SATA bus on most motherboards.

The included SATA cable is just over 19" (48cm). That may be a little short, depending on your rig configuration. I keep my rig on my desktop, so it is plenty long enough for me. A 39" (1m) SATA cable costs about two bucks at NewEgg if you need more length.

Now, let's consider power. I don't particularly care for getting power by USB, and that isn't an option here if you are using SATA interface. An internal power supply causes a few problems. It adds to the size and weight of the enclosure, plus adds heat. Vizo decided on an external AC adapter, and was kind enough not to use a "wall wort" style.

In addition, there are plenty of screws and a "box head" screwdriver. More on that later.

On the rear of the Luxon, there is an I/O switch, plus inputs for power, SATA and USB.

These vents on the bottom of the enclosure provide the only ventilation. But, the entire enclosure is made of aluminum and serves as a heatsink, drawing the heat away from your hard drive.

The enclosure sits in the stand. There is really no need for screws, as the enclosure is pretty heavy after the hard drive is mounted in it. The stand is removed very easily for traveling.

Let's get a drive in this thing and try it out.

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