Zalman VF-900-Cu VGA Cooler
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-23-2006
Provided by: Zalman

The user manual is well laid out and includes diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions for installing the VF900-Cu on each type of video card.

I've prepared the usual victim, my MSI 6600 GT-wannabe, by stripping it naked and lubing it up with some Arctic Silver 5. Sorry Zalman, I just don't trust any old white goop in a tube.

Following Zalman's directions to the T, I install the uh, nipples and rubber rings onto the base. But wait a minute, which set of holes do I use for my 6600? According to the compatibility table I need to put them in either position 1, 2 or 3. Gee, thanks. In other words, try them in each position until you find one that fits...

Unfortunately they just weren't lining up with the right holes. I tried tweaking my nipples slightly but they didn't want to bend at all. So now I'm starting to doubt my manly computer savvy.

Maybe I'm supposed to only use two nipples and put them in the stock cooler mounting positions? But no, that isn't right either.

So I decide to trust my instincts and ignore Zalman's carefully worded installation procedures, and mount my nipples to my card first using the included springs and threaded caps.

Lo and behold, now I can carefully line up each nipple to its threaded hole, with the spring allowing me enough play to get all of them started, then tightened down in an alternating fashion.

The side view shows the tight tolerances on the core and how little room there is for surrounding components. Luckily there aren't any. And yes, I did finish cranking that left nipple down a few more turns.

Here's a photo of the completed installation. The ramsinks can be applied at this point if the user so desires, however I've found little difference, if any, in the performance of the memory with or without sinks attached.

All that remains is to reinsert the card into my system and connect the fan.

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