OCZ Vertex 3.20 240Gb Solid State Drive
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 05-15-2013
Provided by: OCZ Technoloty

Getting under the hood is easy enough as there are just four small screws to remove to gain entry. Of course, doing so will void that three year warranty so we don't recommend doing it at home.

That said, here's what you would find if you were to crack open your Vertex 3.20 and void the warranty. In the first few photos we see eight 20nm MLC NAND modules marked with part number 29F16B08CCMF3. Each of these 16GB chips (and the other eight on the reverse) were built by Intel. Next to the memory is the venerable SandForce SF-2881 controller - a unit that we are all too familiar with at this point. Despite its age, it's still one of the better controllers on the market.

On the back we see the remaining eight 20nm MLC NAND chips - again, each with a capacity of 16GB. Once formatted in Windows 7, the Vertex 3 reported 223GB of free space when connected as a secondary drive.

Let's move ahead and put OCZ's Vertex 3.20 to the test.

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