Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 10-13-2008
Provided by: Cooler Master
First Look

Included in the retail package is the V8 cooler itself, a fold-out installation manual, warranty information, thermal paste and all of the necessary installation hardware to mount the unit on your motherboard. The V8 supports all of the current socket configurations, so compatibility is pretty wide.

The V8 implements a unique design which aims to maximize its cooling potential. A 120mm cooling fan is sandwiched between two large sets of aluminum cooling fins, which are flanked by two additional smaller banks of fins. All of the fins are connected to the base using a series of eight interlaced heat pipes.

The 120mm cooling fan comes equipped with a variable speed rheostat which allows you to find the perfect blend of cooling performance vs. fan noise. The rheostat is easily mountable in a spare add-in card slot or you could cut the rheostat off and wire it directly to a fan controller.

The top of the V8 has a striking resemblance to what you might find under the hood of a modern sports car, hence the name. While this unit does look really slick, I could only imagine how cool it would be if it were actually shaped in a "V" configuration like the cylinders of an engine.

The base of the V8 is decent and feels pretty smooth to the touch, despite the fact that it lacks a shiny finish. This is nothing that thermal paste can't remedy, however. As you can see, the V8 is one massive heatsink which may not fit in all cases. Be sure to check that your side panel will fit with the V8 in place before ordering.

That pretty much covers the cooler. Move ahead as we tackle installation.

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