USB 2.0 Computer Copy Cable
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 05-07-2008
Provided by: USB Fever
First Look, Usage, Conclusion

Included with the Computer Copy Cable is the cable itself and a mini driver disc. The disc is only needed for users running Windows 98 - otherwise, the cable is hot-swappable and needs no drivers with modern operating systems. The hardware of the cable lies inline, encased in a blue plastic section with a USB DirectLink logo. The two USB connectors are Male type with clear covers on them.

That's pretty much it. So, let's give it a whirl and see how it performs.

I connected my laptop to my desktop using the Computer Copy Cable. Installation on the desktop went over smoothly and required no action from me. On the laptop, however, I was prompted to reboot the system - no big deal. Once restarted, I had to go into My Computer and open up the Thunderbird software.

When you plug the cable into each computer, the Thunderbird software fires right up. The program is split into two sections, Local Host and Remote Host - Local Host being the computer you are actively using. The software itself is extremely basic, which is a good thing. Some of the options are greyed out, but the only thing you really need access to is the System - Setup, where you can disable the Read Only option for your system.

To copy data, simply navigate to your source file, copy it, then paste it into the destination folder on the other computer or vice-versa. You can also cut, delete and rename files using Thunderbird.

To test the Computer Copy Cable, I used my main desktop system (400 GB, 7,200 RPM x 2 in RAID0) and my laptop (160 GB, 5,400 RPM). I transferred 300 MP3s (1.36 GB) from my desktop to the laptop, then back again. It took 1:27 to transfer to the laptop and 1:41 to transfer the same 300 files back to the desktop. I then zipped all of these files into a single .RAR file and tried again. This time, it took 1:25 to transfer to the laptop and 1:47 to transfer back to the desktop.


If you find yourself transferring data between two systems often and don't have a network set up, the USB Computer Copy Cable is a great buy. The cable is small enough to take with you on the go, requires no external power or software / drivers which makes it truly plug-and-play. The length of the cable seems just about right: not too short, but not excessively long. While the Thunderbird software is overly simple; that is all it needs to be. The software is a no-brainer and most every computer user with a basic understanding of a file system can figure it out.

I really couldn't find anything I didn't like about the Computer Copy Cable.

You can pick up your own Computer Copy Cable over at USB Fever for $19.99 USD. has awarded the USB 2.0 Computer Copy Cable our Seal of Approval.

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