Ultra X4 600W & 1050W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-19-2009
Provided by: Ultra Products

Testing of the Ultra X4 1050 power supply was conducted on the following system.

AMD Phenom-II X3 720 BE @ 3.7GHz
XFX nForce 750a SLI Motherboard
2x2GB OCZ Fatal1ty DDR2-800
2xEVGA GTX260 SLI Video Cards
3x74GB WD Raptor HDDs in RAID0

OCCT v3.1.0 power supply stress test was used to load the CPU and GPUs at 100% for one hour, while a Windows Defrag ensured the hard drives were being utilized. Using my trusty Kill-a-watt power meter, the total draw of the system was measured to be around 220W at idle and slightly over 600W with peaks up to 650W at full load.

For whatever reason, OCCT was unable to read the +5v and +12v rails from the XFX motherboard. I experimented with other utilities such as SpeedFan and observed the same results. Therefore only the +3.3v graph is available from the test.

However I also took readings directly from the power connectors using my Fluke multimeter and have graphed these results separately as shown below.

Since the X4 600 was actually sent separately and after testing on the 1050 had been completed, and also due to the limitations of a 600W power supply in regards to the graphics card setup, the system used to test it is slightly different.

AMD Phenom-II X3 720 BE @ 3.4GHz
Biostar AMD 790GX A3+ Motherboard
2x2GB OCZ AMD Black DDR3-1600
EVGA GTX 260 Video Card
3x74GB WD Raptor HDDs in RAID0

The same OCCT v3.1.0 test was run under the same conditions, with the Kill-a-watt meter registering system draw at just 180W idle and averaging 420W load with peaks up to 460W, or nearly 200W less than before, primarily due to using only a single video card rather than two in SLI.

OCCT was able to record a reading from all three of the main voltage rails on this motherboard, shown below.

Again I also took separate readings using a multimeter and recorded my results as below.

Let's wrap up this review with some final thoughts and conclusion.

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