Ultra X3 800W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-18-2007
Provided by: Ultra
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The X3 800W includes a wide assortment of modular cables to adapt to most any environment it might find itself in. With exception of the 3-pin fan adapter, all of the cables feature Ultra's FlexForce design, which combines the individual wires into a molded flat ribbon. Rather than bundle the wires in a plastic braid or sheath, which often adds stiffness to the cable, the FlexForce design allows the cable to remain flexible and still minimize restriction to airflow and unsightly mess.

Unlike previous 20+4 pin configurations, the main ATX motherboard cable offers a 24-pin connector only. I guess backwards-compatibility with older 20-pin motherboards had to end sometime, and realistically speaking you probably won't be buying an 800W power supply to use on that old Socket A system anyway. Likewise the auxiliary +12v cable does not feature a 4+4 connector, but Ultra has instead included two cables, one 8-pin and one 4-pin, to use as needed for your application. This is a welcome change for those of us who are used to having an extra half a connector flopping around in our case.

Since many top-shelf graphics cards require two PCIe power connections, Ultra has included four of the 6-pin PCIe cables to cover those that run dual cards. They've also thrown in two of the new 8-pin PCIe cables as well. This should provide plenty of connectors for most Crossfire/SLI systems without the need for adapters. For SATA devices they've included another four cables in different configurations with connectors to power up to 10 drives. Even with many optical drives adopting the SATA interface and RAID arrays becoming increasingly common, 10 connectors is probably overkill for most systems. But it never hurts to err on the side of abundance.

Another five cables for standard 4-pin molex and floppy connections, in varying lengths, rounds out the accessory bundle. Ultra also elected to throw in a 3-pin adapter for connecting up to three fans. Unlike the FlexForce cables, the wires are not molded together, however they do come neatly twisted and can still be unwrapped to gain extra length should the need arise.

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