Ultra X3 800W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-18-2007
Provided by: Ultra
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Although Ultra doesn't identify the finish used on the X3 series, the previous X2 was labeled as "titanium" and this same description seems to fit their newest line as well. You might also refer to it as a "black chrome" or gunmetal color but whatever you call it, it sure is pretty. The surface is smooth and completely free of blemishes, giving it a mirrored appearance. Like many modern power supplies, the X3 utilizes a single large cooling fan on the bottom, in this case a 135mm unit. Ultra doesn't list specs on the fan, but as we came to find out later, the thing runs dead silent.

Continuing the tradition of the X-Connect and X2, the X3 line of power supplies are fully modular, with every single cable having its own connection on the outside of the case. The connectors are shaped to match their respective function, and makes installation easier by providing pinouts you're likely already familiar with. Opposite from the cable end, the rear of the X3 features a free-flowing honeycomb panel, obstructed only by the plug for the power cord and an oversized on/off switch. You certainly shouldn't miss that one when reaching around the back of your case. As has been the trend lately, manufacturers seem to be moving away from multi-rail +12v outputs and going back to the single, high-amperage +12v output to satisfy the demands of power-hungry graphics cards. To this end, the X3 800W features a full 60A or up to 720W available for the +12v line.

The accessory box contains all the modular cables, a power cord, some mounting screws and a user manual. Although fairly brief, the manual does include lots of pictures to help users match up which cables go where, in case it wasn't obvious enough by the shape of the connector.

The Ultra X3 800 is labeled as model ULT-HE0850X which differs from the ULT40071 part number listed on Ultra's website. It carries a UL Listing of E239028 which indicates it is manufactured by Andyson International Co, a Chinese power supply company. I have never heard of them before but according to research they have also made power supplies for Hiper, Aerocool and Sunbeamtech.

Continue on for a detailed look at the modular cables.

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