Ultra X3 800W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-18-2007
Provided by: Ultra
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Marking the 3rd generation of Ultra's popular X-Connect line of power supplies, the latest X3 series combines all of the great features of previous models, such as fully modular design and FlexForce cables, with high power outputs to satisfy the demands of today's multi-core CPU/GPU systems.

While the original X-Connect came in 400W and 500W offerings, and the 2nd generation X2 increased output to 550W, the X3 catapults Ultra to a whole new level with power ratings ranging from 600W all the way up to 1600W! If you didn't catch our previous reviews of the 600W and 1000W versions, you won't want to miss this one as we put the 800W X3 through its paces.

Ultra ships their X3 power supplies in a plain shrink-wrapped box covered by a full color sleeve, complete with fold-out top panel depicting the product and listing notable features. After sliding the box out of its shell and cutting off the plastic, we find Ultra has further protected the contents by wrapping the power supply in yet another layer of plastic and supporting it with soft foam molded sides. They've obviously taken great care to make sure the X3 reaches your door in pristine condition, even packaging all the accessories in another separate box.

Continue ahead for a closer look at the X3 800W.

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