Ultra Products X3 1,000w Modular Power Supply
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 08-14-2007
Provided by: Ultra Products
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Three years ago, Ultra was the hot new company on the scene with their modular X-Connect power supplies. The X-Connect power supplies were very flashy and had the power to back things up. The modular cable system was still something very new at the time but was met with open arms among enthusiasts worldwide. Ultra has since come a long way with their power supplies, introducing several new product lines each year. Today we will be taking a look at a powerful unit from their newest line, named X3. Ultra has taken all of the best features from their previous models and packed them in the X3. On paper, this power supply looks to have everything a hardcore enthusiast could want, and more. But, will it be able to deliver on those promises? Continue on as we aim to find out!

The X3 arrived in this attractive bright red retail package. The front flap folds up and open to reveal a detailed power output chart. The package features text from multiple languages, but other than the photos under the flap, things are pretty plain. Before we dive head-first into the X3, let's take a look at some of the features and specifications, borrowed from Ultra's website.

The 1,000w X3 unit has a lot going for it on paper. More and more people are using modular power supplies these days, in an effort to clean up their rats nest of a system. A clean system looks nicer and also helps improve airflow. The cables used on the X3 are "FlexForce", which means they should be easier to work with inside your system (hide behind motherboard tray, route out of sight, etc.) More on the cables in just a bit.

Other noticeable features include a large 135mm cooling fan and great efficiency ratings. Continue ahead as we take a closer look at the X3...

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