Ultra m998 Midtower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-30-2007
Provided by: Ultra
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The side window is fairly large, taking up most of the panel size. It is held in place with typical plastic push-pins. It would be nice to see this attached with some more stealthy means. There are no fans in the panel, but there is a vented opening towards the bottom in the area of the video card and an adjustable CPU duct at the top. I really don't like these CPU ducts. It's a nice concept when using air cooling for the CPU fan to draw cool air in from outside the case, however in practice the duct rarely lines up perfectly with the fan and in the m998 case due to its extra width it might not even reach. There is a latch where you can attach a lock for the side panel if you need that security.

The inside aluminum surfaces of the m998 have been painted black to match the exterior. The rear of the case and motherboard tray however are polished stainless steel. It's a pretty good polish job with a few marks marring its surface, possibly from assembly. The riser slots all have matching, brightly polished blanks held in with thumbscrews. The rear exhaust fan is 120mm and the large honeycomb opening should provide very good airflow. By removing five thumbscrews on the back of the case and another two regular screws at the front, the entire rear section and motherboard tray can be slid out of the case. The tracks that it slides on don't allow for a very smooth movement; it takes some tugging and wiggling to get it all the way out.

Along the front edge of the tray is Ultra's power distribution bar, which provides standard molex and 8-pin PCIe connections within easy reach of devices. This is supposed to help cut down on cable clutter and provide a cleaner look. A multitude of various lengths of power cables are included to use with the distribution bar, as well as an eSATA-to-SATA adapter cable to use with the front mounted port. The accessory kit also includes a full color manual with detailed pictures, a set of four wheels that can be bolted to the bottom of the chassis and the largest assortment of screws I have ever seen bundled with any computer case.

The top panel must be removed in order to drop in a power supply, and the rear opening of the case comes with an adapter plate so that either standard ATX style or larger server units can be used. The back side of the case allows pass through of cables through the drive bay area and a hole in the motherboard tray. The front I/O panel can actually be removed from inside, and the opening accepts any standard PCI riser plate if you prefer to use something else other than the included USB/1394/Audio/eSATA ports. The plastic front panel detaches from the case although the clips are somewhat of a pain to work with. The 120mm intake fan is covered with a foam filter that can be removed for cleaning. However in order to do so the two thumbscrews above it must be taken out - this seems like an oversight on Ultra's part. One good thing is there are no bulky wires to deal with on the back of this panel as all switches use a pass-through design.

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