Ultra Grid Midtower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-28-2007
Provided by: Ultra Products
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First Look

Extracting the contents of the box I find they've completely encased the Grid in packing material. This is the first case manufacturer I have seen do this.

The center sections are protected by a thick layer of Styrofoam. When removed we find that the case is supported by soft foam end caps and enclosed in plastic lined with tissue paper. The tissue paper is also something not regularly seen in case packaging. After pulling all of that packaging away you can see the front panel and side window are further protected by yet another layer of plastic. The side window is even covered inside and out. Ultra has obviously taken extra steps to make sure this case arrives at your door with the finish in factory pristine condition.

Removing the plastic we can see how the Grid got its name; the front panel is covered in wire mesh. The second 5" drive bay has a cutout for easy access to an optical drive. The front panel is fully hinged and held closed by magnets in the frame. Despite the mesh front, the door does have a solid back except for a cutout for the 120mm intake fan. The fan has a second mesh covering behind the panel, so in effect it has to draw air through 2 layers of mesh. Being that the panel door is full length and the bottom edge can drag on carpet and other soft surfaces. Removing the outer plastic sheet reveals a large side window with two vented openings covered by polished grills, one for the CPU and the other set lower for a video card. Neither of these locations houses a fan though.

A rear view of the case shows that the exhaust fan is restricted by a stamped steel grill section. These typically don't flow as well as wire or mesh grills. The Grid model Ultra sent us comes with a power supply already installed. The other side of the case shows off just how glossy the finish on the Grid is. There are also connections for USB and audio along the front edge.

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