iPhone Ultra Clear Screen Protector
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 03-09-2008
Provided by: USB Fever

Protecting our investments is a top priority for most people. This is why we have insurance on many of the expensive / priceless things in life, such as our cars, homes and even our lives. Unfortunately, when it comes to the iPhone, Apple / AT&T see things differently and thus, customers are not given the option to insure their phone against accidental damage.

This setback can be alleviated, however, with some special care. Many users purchase cases for their iPhones to help protect it against drops. Some of these cases offer screen protection, others don't. But, finding a case that meets your style and needs can be a tough task. You want a case that offers good protection, but isn't too bulky and doesn't limit your interaction with the iPhone. Many people simply "take the risk" and use their iPhone without any protection.

At the very least, I would recommend some type of screen protection for your iPhone, as this is the most delicate and used area on the device. Today I will be taking a look at such a product, the iPhone Ultra Clear Screen Protector from USB Fever.

The screen protector arrived in the simple retail hanging package that you see above. The front of the package shows a generic PDA with an iPhone sticker in the bottom corner. On the backside, we find a short list of features. Below is a complete list of features, borrowed from USB Fever's website.

Continue ahead as we take a closer look at this screen protector and install it on the iPhone...

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