Ultra Products ChillTec Thermo Electric CPU Cooler
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 03-13-2007
Provided by: Ultra Products
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Included with the ChillTec is a 5 1/4" thermal control module. The module mounts in a spare drive bay and displays total time online, uptime since last boot and the temperature of the CPU (which is rather useless; more on this in a bit). The shiny case of the module looks nice, but since it will be mounted in a drive bay, you won't get to see it, which leads me to wonder why Ultra made it so "nice" looking to begin with. The rear of the module has a connection point for a 4-pin Molex as well as the two cables that come from the ChillTec.

That pretty much covers everything included with the kit. Now we will focus on installing the ChillTec. I will be installing the ChillTec in my dedicated Intel test system. The installation manual tells us exactly which mounting hardware we will need for the Intel Socket 775 install.

You are required to remove your motherboard to install the ChillTec. Once removed, the first step is to prep the install hardware. You will need to select the correct backplate for your application. We will be using the 775 backplate here today. First, install the clear plate on top of the metal backplate. Then, slide the foam cover on top of the clear plate, as shown above.

Next, I had to install the 775 clips on the bottom of the heatsink. Each clip only requires a single screw and the entire process took less than two minutes to complete.

Once you have the clips installed, it is advised to clean the surface of your processor then apply a fresh coat of thermal paste. I used Arctic Silver 5 for this installation. Once the thermal paste has been applied, you will need to slide the backplate through the motherboard as shown above. Then, simply slide the heatsink into place and use the supplied thumb screws to secure the ChillTec.

Move ahead as we check out the final install pics and continue on with testing...

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