Thermalright Ultra-90 Heatsink
Author: OCIA Staff
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 06-13-2006
Provided by: Thermalright

Today I have the opportunity to test out one of Thermalright's new heatsinks, the Ultra-90. The Ultra-90 is the successor of the famed XP-90 and XP-90C heatsinks. The Ultra-90 is a universal heatsink, coming in configurations to fit: AMD-K8, P4-478, and P4-LGA775. There is also a successor to the XP-120, the Ultra-120, a larger version utilizing a 120mm fan. The Ultra-90 encompasses the same basic features as the XP-90's and XP-120; heatpipes through an array of fins connecting to a base for contact, but the Ultra-90 is a tower design. Thermalright claims it can outperform it's predecessor, the XP-90, using a lower CFM fan. Today we'll see how it compares to the XP-90C using the same fan.

The new heatsink comes in the familiar Thermalright box.

Model number and included mounting hardware are indicated on the end. We have the Ultra-90 with the K8 mounting hardware.

In the top of the box we find the familiar Thermalright sticker and instructions for installing a fan and mounting the Ultra-90.

Lying underneath we find the Ultra-90 secured with foam and wrapped in plastic, the tried and true packaging method that Thermalright has stuck with over the years.

Everything removed from the box. The Ultra-90 heatsink, Thermalright sticker, instructions and accessory box.

In this box we find two fan clips, the Ultra-90 K8 mounting clip and a tube of thermal paste.

Right off the bat, before looking any further, we can tell Thermalright has made a huge improvement on their mounting system.

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