Galaxy TVisto Multimedia External HD Case
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 04-08-2007
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In my last review I took a look at the Western Digital My Book, an external hard drive designed with the goal of easily creating backups of all of your important files. Today I am taking a look at another external drive but this one has a completely different goal in mind. The Galaxy TVisto Multimedia External Hard Drive Case aims to be your multimedia headquarters - allowing you to load images, music and video files onto the device, then simply plug it into your television for playback. The idea seems cool enough, but does the Galaxy TVisto have the right mix of ingredients to successfully pull it off? Continue ahead as we set to find out!

Galaxy did a great job with the packaging. The big "500 GB" sticker is hard to miss, letting you know that the device is capable of supporting large hard drives. Also we see that HDTV is supported, but unfortunately the cables for this are not included. The drive is pictured on the front of the box along with the full-featured remote control. The backside gives a detailed list of specifications and package contents. A complete list of features and specifications for the TVisto can be found below.

The TVisto supports a wide array of audio and video formats which is great. If you haven't already noticed, the TVisto does NOT come with a hard drive. This is a good thing I suppose, as it keeps the cost down and allows you to install any size drive you wish. The bad thing here is that only IDE drives are supported. If you happen to have an old IDE drive sitting around collecting dust as I did, you're in luck. If not, it may be hard to justify spending money on an IDE drive.

Continue ahead as we check out the package contents and get a closer look at the TVisto...

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