Tuniq Potency 750w Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-09-2008
Provided by: Tuniq
Features / Specs

Tuniq's Potency series of power supplies is available in a 550W and 650W version in addition to the 750W. The primary difference between the smaller units and the 750W model is the number of +12V rails. Both the 550W and 650W have only two +12V lines whereas the 750W has four. The number of connectors also differs slightly, with the 650W and 750W sporting six each of the Molex and SATA, compared to the four found on the 550W.

The Potency 750W power supply ships with a user manual, power cord, mounting screws, zip ties and a Molex extension/splitter cable. It sports a 140mm quiet, two-ball bearing fan in an attractive black case with chrome grill.

With an 18A rating on each of the four +12V rails, plus an additional 28A and 30A on the +3.3V and +5V respectively, the Potency 750W can handle an impressive load. There is no UL code specified on the label so no idea at this point which OEM might make the Potency series or if Sunbeam themselves manufactures them.

According to the side label, the delayed fan-off feature is time-based rather than temperature-based as indicated on Tuniq's website and product packaging. The label reads that the fan will continue to run for 120 seconds after the computer has been shut down to aid in cooling and extend hardware/component lifetime.

Next let's take a detailed look at the cables.

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