Tuniq Miniplant 950W PSU
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-26-2008
Provided by: Tuniq
Testing and Conclusions

MSI X38 Platinum (BIOS 1.3)
intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @ 3.3GHz : OCZ Vendetta 2
VisionTek Radeon HD3870
Aeneon 2x1GB DDR3-1333 8-8-8-15, 1.5V
Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeMusic : Logitech X-530
WD 74GB Raptor (10K), WD 500GB CaviarSE16 (7.2K)
Tuniq Miniplant 950W
Lite-On 20x DVD±R/W SATA
Lian-Li PC-A17

The majority of testing on this power supply was done using OCCT stability testing in conjunction with Speedfan voltage monitoring on the CPU VCore, the +5V line, and the motherboard's +12V monitor. The test ran for 1 hour on a CPU/RAM blend. Voltages were spot-checked with a Craftsman Multimeter directly from the motherboard 20+4 pin connector throughout the test, as well as with the CPUID Hardware Monitor to double check through both hard and software media. Voltages were also checked with the CPUID HWM and the multimeter during a full system load, which consisted of: an instance of Folding@Home SMP which put full load on all four cores of the processor, an instance of Folding@Home GPU2 client which put full load on the graphics card, ripping a CD to the storage drive, and defragmenting the main drive. Almost identical results were obtained, so I'll omit them from the page.

After the first minute of observation, the VCore dropped .05V from the 1.4V idle level to 1.35V. During load, though, the VCore was surprisingly consistent and never dropped below 1.35V after the initial load. During the last minute of idle observation, the VCore rose back to 1.4V.

Like the VCore, the +5V line stayed rock solid during testing. Though the variation looks significant on the graph, it is only .08V from minimum to maximum, a ripple of 1.60%. The +3.3V line performed similarly during all tests.

At 12.5V idle, the Miniplant runs a little high on the motherboard's +12V line. Under load, it drops to about 12.33V and stays there without a budge. Overall, the Miniplant was a very consistent and solid performer.


There's really nothing bad to say about the Tuniq Miniplant 950W power supply. To start off, it performs like a champ. From VCore to the +12V lines, there's hardly a budge under any load I could throw at this power supply. Granted, an air cooled Q6600 and a single HD3870 can only put so much load on a 950W PSU, but the numbers put up by the Miniplant were still impressive.

I ran F@H SMP on my Quad and F@H GPU2 on my 3870 for an entire week, and not once was the Miniplant's fan louder than any of my case fans. What's more is that the PSU never even got hot. Throughout testing and usage of the Miniplant, the airflow out the back of the unit was only slightly above room temperature and always less in volume than my 120mm rear exhaust case fan.

Though the Miniplant has no modular cabling system, Tuniq did include 10 zip-ties to help manage the ones that are left over. 10 zip ties is more than enough to store all of your cables in your 5.25” bays, or, even better, behind them and behind the motherboard tray. In shipping, the cables were also grouped with a large Velcro loop, which could also be used for cable management.

At about $250.00 USD online, the Tuniq Miniplant is definitely worth the money, and earns the OCIA.net Seal of Approval.

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