Sunbeamtech Tuniq Potency 550 Watt Power Supply
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-03-2008
Provided by: Sunbeamtech
A Closer Look

The Tuniq Potency 550W is in a fairly plain black box. There is a nice photo of the PSU on the front, with features on the rear, and spec labels for all three models in the Potency line. Besides the 550 watt model, there are also 650 and 750 watt models.

The Potency 550 is a fairly small PSU, at least compared to the 800-1200 watt PSUs I have been dealing with lately. It is not modular. The case has a black powdercoat with a satin finish. The PSU sports a single 120mm fan.

The rear of the power supply is very open with large honeycomb mesh. As it has automatic switching, the only control is the I/O switch.

The cables are all sleeved in black mesh and finished in heavy heatshrink. They should be plenty long enough for use in a full tower. Cables are:

1 x 20+4 motherboard power cable
1 x 4/8-pin ATX12v cable
2 x 4-pin Molex cables, each with two connectors (one with floppy power)
2 x SATA power, each with two connectors
1 x PCI-E power, with one 6-pin and one 6+2-pin

Of note is the SATA connectors, which are 90 degree angle connectors. I prefer these at least 75% of the time as they usually help with cable management and put less stress on both the male and female connectors.

Inside the Potency 550 we don't see a lot of nice heatsinks, the heatsink for each rail is an alloy bar. Yeah, we're talking about an efficient 550 watt PSU, but it would be nice to see some fins, at least on the +12v rail.

The bundle is about what you'd expect with a power supply, actually nicer than some. Included is a 18ga cord, screws, several zip-ties, and a Molex Y-adapter with one male and two female connectors.

The spec label shows us a pair of +12v rails with 25A each.

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