Tuniq 3 Mid-Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-20-2008
Provided by: Tuniq

The side window has ventilation holes above the processor and video card locations, with mounting holes for either an 80mm or 120mm fan (not included). The reason for this is the patented Core Fan rail that runs vertically along the left side of the case, which provides mounting locations for two 120mm fans to be installed hanging above the motherboard tray.

The accessory box includes a user manual, three sets of hard drive rails and various mounting hardware and cable management. The manual has black and white diagrams and detailed steps of hardware installation, in particular the explanation of the Core Fan feature.

The Core Fan rail comes with two 120mm fans installed, complete with wire guards on the intake side. The top bracket is adjustable via a thumb screw whereas the bottom bracket is not. However there are alternate location holes on the rail to allow for a parallel, angled or perpendicular mounting. A third 120mm fan can be found at the rear of the case. All three are blue LED fans and have 3-pin connectors with 3-to-4-pin adapters as well.

The riser slots have snap-out blanks and a tool-less hinged latching mechanism for holding accessory cards in place. The inverter for the bottom-mounted CCFL lights has a length of power wire ready to reach most anywhere in the case and comes pre-installed with some double-sided tape so it can be positioned where you need it. There is space in front of the hard drive cage for a 120mm intake fan, but one is not included.

The rest of the bays have tool-less sliding locks on the left side. Nothing for the back however there are screw holes for those who need to more firmly attach their drives in place. The motherboard tray contains no holes for passing cables through and neither do the 5" bays, but there is a gap beside the 3" bays where wires can be routed to the other side.

Now let's install some hardware into the Tuniq 3.

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