Tuniq 3 Mid-Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-20-2008
Provided by: Tuniq

The Tuniq 3 sits a little taller than most mid-tower cases. At 17" x 7.8" x 17.7", it has roughly a two inch extension from slotted rails that run down each side along the bottom. The case is made primarily of steel and weighs in at just under 25 pounds. Color options are black, silver and a silver/black scheme that combines predominantly silver panels with a black frame. There are versions with and without a power supply as well as the side window. The one we have for review today is the black, side window, no power supply model.

The front face is made from solid panels of brushed aluminum, with no vent holes, switches, buttons or other features except the small Tuniq logo positioned in the lower third of the panel. The sides and top are steel with a painted black textured surface.

The rear houses a single 120mm fan exhaust fan and opening for the power supply up top. There is also a PCI riser bracket with on/off switch for the underneath lighting.

The power/reset switch and power/HDD activity LEDs are positioned on top of the door panel. Audio and USB ports are situated along the lower left edge of the front panel. There is a knockout for Firewire but it is not installed in our review sample, and no eSATA jack either. The bezel is slotted along the sides to allow for airflow to the front mounted fan, since the front panel is solid just like the door.

The front door is held shut by hidden magnets and opens to reveal five 5" and two 3" bays. Wires for the switches and lighting are visible above the bottom hinge of the door and really stick out against the otherwise featureless black face of the case. The slotted rails that run along the bottom of the T3 have hidden blue CCFL's along both sides. The foot rails also raise the case up off the floor, helping airflow to the front fan, although the edges are very sharp for being only plastic. Simply sliding the case around on the fabric I use for a backdrop caused quite a large tear.

Let's move on to the interior of the Tuniq 3.

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