Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme CPU Cooler
Author: Connan Schafstall
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 09-28-2009
Provided by: Tuniq

Being an avid overclocker means hundreds of hours and many different methods of cooling will be implemented in the quest for a cooler processor. This involves experiments in thermal interface materials, application of said pastes, lapping, airflow, and most importantly coolers. CPU coolers come in many shapes and sizes, and more often than not, those shapes and sizes have a direct bearing on the cooler's ability to draw away and dissipate the heat created by energy lost in your processor. Today we get to test the newest offering for Tuniq: the Tower 120 Extreme. The Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme is a rehash of the Tuniq flagship cooler, the Tower 120. There are many similarities, including size, but also many design changes that may prove to give the Extreme version the cooling performance edge.

The Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme comes packed as you would expect, in an amalgamation of plastic and cardboard sufficient to protect it on it's long journey to your desk. Inside we find the cooler itself and accompanying chromed mounting hardware allowing it to fit AM2/AM3/LGA775/LGA1366 configurations. Alongside this clam shell is the user's installation manual, but regrettably, no nifty Tuniq sticker. In the accessory kit is the Tuniq fan speed controller and a one-gram syringe of Tuniq's own TX-3 Thermal Grease which boasts a Thermal conductivity of 6.2 W/mK and a viscosity of 83500cP. Usually I prefer Diamond Paste or the Arctic Silver AS5 or Ceramique, but I have heard good things about this TX-3, so we will give it a go.


Tower 120 Extreme Specifications
Dimensions(mm) 131(L) 112.31(W) 150.7(H)
Weight: 775g (without fan)
Heatpipe 8mm x 3 + 6mm x 2

TX-3 Specifications:

Appearance Grey
Viscosity 83500 cP
Thermal conductivity 6.2 W/mK
Operating temperature -45C ~ 200C
Specific Gravity 3.011 @ 25℃
Volume 0.33ml (1g)

MFDB fan Specifications:

Bearing Type: Magnetic Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Rated Voltage: 12V DC
Rated Current: 0.16A (Max)
Air Flow: 90.65 CFM (Max)
Noise: 16~20 +/- 10%dBA
Speed: 1000~2000 RPM
Life: 50,000 hours
Thermal Resistance 0.092 (℃ / W)

Continue ahead as we take a closer look at the Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme.

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