Thermaltake Xaser VI Full Tower
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-11-2008
Provided by: Thermaltake

The main side panel does not have any fans or vents in it (this being the window version) but even so, it feels very heavy and stiff compared to most case panels. Inside the 5" bays we find a large accessory box still zip-tied in place, however there are a couple pieces, like the two missing front panel bay covers, found bouncing around the bottom.

The accessory box contains another 140mm fan and mounting bracket, a 5" to 3" bay adapter and face plate, one of Thermaltake's iBox 5" bay containers, a ton of mounting hardware and wire management, soft polishing cloth and user manual. One of the clips on the fan bracket snapped off pretty easily the first time I went to use it so it's likely it was cracked or stressed when I received it.

The Xaser VI can handle Extended ATX size motherboards and a total of seven 3" hard drives. The riser slots use a form of tool-less clips and the rear 120mm exhaust fan wiring is sleeved with a flexible rubber, as are the rest of the included fans. The power supply rails feature a movable support to help hold the back edge in place.

The back side panel is heavier than the front since it has metal mesh rather than the clear windows in it. Two thumbscrews, which pretty much require a screwdriver to put in or take out, along with a sliding spring catch, release the panels from the rear edge of the case. There are holes in the motherboard tray for wire management and the rear of the hard drive cage is open for access. The bottom of the Xaser VI reveals that the center section is raised and vented, with thumbscrews that attach the two hard drive bays to the case floor. Two additional fans, up to 140mm in size (not included) can be installed under each drive using the included mounting hardware.

The top panel has two thumbscrews that hold it to the rear of the case, which then slides off towards the back on rails. With the panel off we can get a better view of the damage that occurred in shipping. Under the top panel there is an accessory tray which you can use to store small items, or it can be removed to gain easy top access to one of Thermaltake's BigWater liquid cooling systems, if installed in the top 5" bays. There is also a 140mm exhaust fan and a hole towards the rear that allows for upside-down mounting of the power supply.

The hard drive trays are removed much like a hot swap drive would. There is a latch and the front panel folds out, then the entire tray can be slid forward and out of the cage. There are no hot plug ports behind the cage, so you will still need to manually remove the wiring connectors. Drives mount into the trays with screws on each side. The 5" bays have tool-less clips of a design I've not seen previously. They rock towards the rear when the drive is inserted, then prongs on the front edge insert into the screw holes once the drive is fully seated.

The hard drive cage is removable via two thumbscrews and slides out on plastic rails. Although it appeared that all 11 5" bays were externally accessible, only the top seven positions really are; the bottom four are blocked by a vented panel and 140mm blue LED intake fan.

Now let's install some hardware.

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