Thermaltake VI-ON External USB Drive Enclosure
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-13-2008
Provided by: Thermaltake
A Closer Look

The VI-ON is carefully packaged in soft foam and further protected by plastic sheets to keep the high gloss finish from getting scratched in shipping. In addition to the drive housing itself, the VI-ON comes with a vented angle base, AC adapter, A-B USB cord, polishing cloth and user manual.

The rear of the VI-ON contains an on/off power switch, AC adapter jack, and USB port. The side panels are a very high gloss and the top and front feature a rounded black mesh. The matching base is vented and lines up with the fan location on the bottom of the unit.

The base snaps easily into place and angles the housing for more efficient cooling. It also gives the unit a decidedly unique appearance and separates it from the normal everyday drive enclosure boxes.

Let's have a look at the inside and installation.

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