Thermaltake V1 CPU Cooler
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-17-2007
Provided by: Thermaltake
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By using the factory retention module, the Thermaltake V1 simplifies installation. For AMD motherboards this means using the included clip and tensioning lever. This is identical to the stock AMD heatsink mounting setup. However the clip doesn't exactly fit well on the base. It's a good bit narrower than the channel in the top of the base, and despite the clip coming to a point in the center, there is no corresponding groove on the heatsink to center it. This allows too much play when positioning the V1 and it's difficult to keep it centered on the processor as you tighten the lever. Because the clip uses these two thin, parallel beams across the middle there is also very little lateral support, and the clip twists and bends as soon as pressure is put on the lever. Once the lever is locked down the V1 seems fairly stable, there's only a small amount of wiggle noticeable, but this mounting system definitely needs some improvement.

One thing that concerned me about the possible movement or shifting that the heatsink may experience is its close proximity to the video card. The wide spread of the fins and heatpipes nearly touches the back side of the card, and I had thoughts of them coming into contact and causing a short. I had laid the computer case over on its side to install the V1 and I watched very carefully as I raised it back upright to see if the cooler settled at all. With all that weight and the flimsy mounting clip I thought the cooler might shift however it appears it did not. I'm still not 100% confident in that clip though and if I was going to leave the V1 installed for any length of time or while moving the computer around I think I would have to come up with some way to better secure the heatsink or protect the card from accidental contact.

My fears about the mounting system aside, the V1 is a very attractive cooler once you get past the oddness of its design. The included fan uses blue LED's which closely match those of other Thermaltake products. Compared to other manufacturer's blue LED's, which might be considered sky blue or electric blue, the Thermaltake blue is actually more of an indigo color. Since I already have some Thermaltake case fans the V1 matched up perfectly with those in the exhaust position. The side panel fan however is not a Thermaltake product, and although it's hard to distinguish in the photographs, the difference is quite noticeable in person. At least, noticeable by me.

On to testing and final conclusion.

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