Thermaltake SpinQ VT CPU Cooler
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-27-2010
Provided by: Thermaltake

I'm installing the Thermaltake SpinQ VT into my main AMD system, which is comprised of the following:

AMD Phenom-II 965 BE
Biostar TA790GX A3+
2x1Gb OCZ DDR3-1333
Asus HD4890 TOP
Cooler Master HAF932 AMD Edition

The SpinQ VT uses the stock AMD retention bracket to attach to, along with a spring clip that is lever controlled. This is basically identical to the factory cooler installation method. The last time I reviewed a Thermaltake cooler with this type of attachment, the V1, I was unhappy with the fit of the clip. I am happy to report that Thermaltake has improved their clip attachment design. For one, I noticed they have strengthened the arms of the clip by making them thicker, and also used a crosspiece in the center to keep them from bending. And second, as I pointed out previously, they have channeled grooves into the top of the base to keep the clip aligned and prevent the cooler from rotating.

With the improved clip and base design the SpinQ VT attaches securely and is precisely located in the center of the CPU without allowing any slip, twist or slide out of position. I imagine we're also getting a bit more mounting tension now that clip bending is eliminated. The only complaint I have with this installation is that the fan wires come out of the top of the cooler. This is primarily an aesthetics issue, and really has no impact on function or performance. Note that although the pictures show memory dimms installed into slots three and four, farthest from the CPU socket, this is not due to interference from the SpinQ VT. My usual cooler requires this spacing, and I simply did not think to relocate the memory to the first two slots for this review. The height of the Thermaltake cooler, along with the curvature of the heatpipes, leaves plenty of clearance to utilize the memory slots closest to the socket.

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