Thermaltake RamOrb Memory Cooler
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-20-2008
Provided by: Thermaltake
Installation / Testing

Since we only have one RamOrb to test with, I will be using a DDR2 memory module in single channel mode. This is a standard 1GB ProMOS PC5300 CL5 module rated for DDR2-667 at 1.8v and timings of 5-5-5-15. I am using an AMD-based motherboard with dual-channel slots set in pairs, with the alternate channel slots adjacent to one another. To measure temperature I have taped a thermal probe onto the module in contact with the memory chips and will be using this LCD to take readings from the one labeled system. Memtest #5 was looped for a minimum of 10 minutes to bring the memory to peak load temperature.

After recording the baseline temps, both stock and overclocked, I move on to installing the RamOrb on my test module. The plastic backing must be removed and the thermal pad placed over the individual chips. Once both sides are covered the aluminum heat spreaders are clamped around the module and tightened in place. A small amount of thermal paste is used in the channel to ensure good contact between the spreader halves and the heatpipe.

The RamOrb heatpipe can be installed pointing in either direction or even turned horizontally or perpendicular to the memory slots. Because the spreaders are not much, if any, thicker than ones typically found on enthusiast memory modules, this should allow easy installation in side-by-side slots such as those found on many AMD motherboards.

With all the testing complete, let's wrap up this review with results and conclusion.

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