Thermaltake RamOrb Memory Cooler
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-20-2008
Provided by: Thermaltake

The RamOrb comes in a plastic blister pack with instructions, two sets of thermal pads, a packet of thermal paste and a hex wrench.

The unit itself is comprised of two heatspreader halves held together with hex head screws along the top edge. A copper heatpipe traverses the length of the spreaders, coming out at one end and curling up into the orb-shaped heatsink. A 50mm fan is located within the circumference of the fins, like those typically found on chipset coolers. It is rated at just 8cfm and 20dB. It uses a standard 4-pin power connector with a pass-through design.

After removing the four screws and disassembling the RamOrb we see that the two heatspreader halves and the copper heatpipe and sink are actually separate pieces. The back side of the spreaders are ridged to hold the heatpipe tightly when clamped together.

The copper fins are soldered to the heatpipe none too neatly. As we have seen with other recent Thermaltake heatsinks, some fins are not securely attached to the heatpipe(s) and in this case the solder has been applied in a seemingly sloppy fashion.

Continue as I begin some testing and install the Thermaltake RamOrb.

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