Thermaltake ProWater 850i Liquid Cooling Kit
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-12-2008
Provided by: Thermaltake
First Impressions

The ProWater comes in quite a large box, as we saw before, but this was apparently not large enough! Upon arrival, the box was all but bursting open, no doubt due to their extremely thorough packaging. It should be noted that, not only is this box packaged very well, but the kit was also shipped in a box more than twice as big as the kit itself, making for lots of shock absorbing peanuts. Not the most eco-friendly move by Thermaltake, but I'd rather be safe than have coolant dripping on my video card.

Indeed, there is quite a lot of hardware included in the box: the 120mm radiator and fan (pre-assembled), coolant, tubing, a multi-lingual instruction book (not booklet, by any means), a reservoir/pump combination (pre-assembled), a flow meter, a water-block/mounting bracket (pre-assembled), a box full of assembly hardware including the iStripe, a Thermaltake philosophy pamphlet, and last but very much not least, a warning to bleed and leak test your kit before running it on your computer!

The included radiator has an extremely solid construction. The fan is pre-attached, and the combination makes for a nice, compact cooling solution. Of course, this is actually a radiator and a fan included, not a single unit, so the fan or radiator can each be reoriented or replaced as desired. The pump and reservoir run as a single piece in the ProWater, and would be hard to connect by tubing given their design. There is a high/low mark on both sides of the reservoir, so it can be oriented in any direction.

Next, we have the flow meter. I never used to understand why anybody would use a meter, it is after all pretty ugly, but it comes very much in handy when running the kit for the first time (and for any troubleshooting). Finally, there is the all-copper water-block with a very impressive finish. You can tell by the lack of distortion in the reflection that the block is very flat, though in some lighting, concentric circles could be made out, indicating slight imperfections from the factory. These imperfections were very small, though, on this superbly finished base.

Continue on as we toss this kit in the system…

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