Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1050W PSU
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 06-05-2011
Provided by: Thermaltake
First Look

Included in the retail box is the power supply itself which comes inside of a protective bag, an installation manual, a bundle of modular cables inside a nylon bag, yet another separate bundle of cables, the power cable and another baggie containing some heavy-duty cable clamps, four Thermaltake-branded Velcro cable ties, a case badge and two vibration dampeners. The vibration dampeners have an adhesive on the backside and are curved to fit the contoured edges of the power supply. They fit between the PSU and the rear of the case when you secure it to your case. Thermaltake supplies extra long screws which you will need as the mounting holes on the rear of the power supply are inset a bit, rendering standard length screws useless.

The Toughpower Grand is a black power supply with a matte-like finish. It features bright red accents in the form of a band that wraps around the entire unit, save for the back of the PSU. The six modular connectors for the PCI-E cables are also red while the four peripheral / SATA connectors are black. Thermaltake has hardwired an 8-pin CPU cable as well as a 4+4 pin CPU cable and the 24-pin ATX cable. Dual CPU power cables is something I could have done without; perhaps adding one as a modular cable would be better as it would reduce excess cable clutter.

At the back of the unit we find a full honeycomb-style opening, a power connector, on/off switch and a lighted Thermaltake nameplate. From this angle we can see the three inset mounting screw holes. Note to self - don't lose the included screws!

Both sides are plain with only the red "racing stripe" down the center. The stripe is simply a piece of red tape with adhesive on the backside. It fits inside a grooved channel which adds a little visual depth.

On the bottom of the unit is a large 140mm dual ball bearing cooling fan. According to Thermaltake, this fan is rated for 99.6 CFM @ 1900 RPM. There are no LEDs to contend with on the fan, meaning this won't clash with any other case lighting you may or may not have. Of course, if the unit is mounted with a fan facing downwards in a bottom-mount case, it wouldn't matter much either way.

An output table sticker as well as a few quality control check stickers can be found on the top of the power supply. We have reproduced the output table below, borrowed from Thermaltake's website.

More just ahead.

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