Thermaltake Bigwater 760i Watercooling System
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-19-2007
Provided by: Thermaltake
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Upon opening the Bigwater 760i box we're greeted with a bright yellow installation warning, "Please run pre-installation test outside the PC". It's always a good idea to test for leaks first when dealing with water around electrical computer parts, but Thermaltake infers the reason is due to possible damages from shipping. The Bigwater 760i system looks to be packed fairly well, I think it more likely leaks would occur due to an installation mistake, like if someone didn't read the directions. Speaking of directions, wow take a look at this user manual. And there's a separate maintenance book as well! Thankfully there's about eight different languages in these books, and the English instructions only cover about 20 pages. Whew!

As I mentioned, the components are all packed neatly inside soft foam compartments. In addition to the Bigwater 760i unit itself, Thermaltake includes the copper CPU water block and various mounting hardware, tubing and quick disconnects, coolant and siphoning container and the aforementioned user and maintenance manuals.

The Bigwater 760i takes up two 5" drive bays and has a flat black front panel with the Thermaltake logo. A small grill provides an opening for air to enter if the 760i is installed at the top of the case or if there is another device directly above it, blocking the fan. The fan has a stylish Tt logo grill (which will unfortunately probably never been seen) and has been installed on top of the radiator, blowing down through it. The pump and resevoir hang off the back of the unit, where two hoses with quick disconnects are labeled in and out for simple installation. There is also the power connectors for the fan and pump, which use a pass-through design so only one +12v molex is needed. The fan also has a separate three pin connector for monitoring speed.

The copper CPU block has a large, universal mounting clip design which fits most AMD and Intel socket types. The body of the water block is quite thin, Thermaltake claims this is possible due to its unique dual-path, micro-channel design. The base has a super-smooth, mirror polished surface that should further aid in heat transfer.

Next up, installation.

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