Thermalright HR-03 GTX
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-16-2008
Provided by: Thermalright
A Closer Look

The HR-03 GTX ships in a black container with a clear cover that shows off the cooler inside. This is a new direction for Thermalright, who has traditionally packaged their product in plain cardboard boxes. Removing the contents reveals several installation instruction sheets, a sticker, the cooler itself, VRM, HSI and RAM heatsinks, bracket mount and backplate, fan clips, a tube of The Chill Factor thermal paste and other miscellaneous hardware. A fan is not included, however most standard 120x25mm open-frame fans will work, and Thermalright does offer some of their own branded fans as an option.

Those already familiar with Thermalright's previous HR-03 designs will note the GTX's similarity. The base is dual-sided, with six heatpipes that arc up and over into a bank of 34 aluminum fins utilizing Thermalright's proprietary flow-through hole design. The cooler can be mounted with the finned portion hanging off either the front or over the rear of the card, although for the GTX it is recommended to place it to the front where airflow from the fan will also cool the VRM and HSI sinks.

The back side of the base is covered with plastic to protect it during handling, and should be removed prior to installation. The surface of the base is not smooth and still bears light grooves from machining, much like other Thermalright heatsinks. Compared to the HR-03 GT, pictured on the right, the GTX on the left has a wider base, which offers more complete coverage of the GPU core. Other than this minor difference, the heatsinks are pretty much identical.

Next let's have a go at installation.

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