Palm Treo 700p (Sprint)
Author: Keith Hamilton
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-23-2006
Features Cont.

Blazer version 4.5 in action

The included web browser is the Blazer v4.5. This version of the browser is able to cache websites. If you go to another website and then hit the back button, it will load the cached version of the site, making things much faster. Javascript was also added to the new version, allowing the end user to view even more pages online.

Managing your visual media is made easy via albums. The album gives a nice thumbnail of each picture, making it much easier to locate exactly what you are looking for.

One of my favorite aftermarket programs is PDA Net. This program functions as a wireless broadband modem for your phone. Plug it into a laptop and you have instant broadband internet wherever the phone picks up an EvDO signal. I have sat outside playing an MMORPG on my laptop without a problem on it. It's capable of up to 50 kb/s download speeds from what I was achieving around town. It's a must have if you do a lot of traveling. The full version of the program sells for around $35.00 USD.

On Demand let's you browse headlines, check your local weather, get maps and other handy features in an instant. I particularly like the news headlines, as it allows me to instantly keep up with happenings around the globe. The local weather is also quite nice, allowing you to even view a live radar image.

Digital Camera

The integrated camera on the 700p is 1.3 megapixels (1280x1024 resolution). It features a 2x optical zoom which is decent for a mobile phone. The picture quality is about average for cell phone cameras; nothing spectacular. It is a good way to capture those once in a lifetime moments if you don't have a digital camera handy. The camera also works as a video camera, although again, the quality is not that great, but what cell phone camcorder is?


The speaker on the 700p performs very well. I listen to music while sitting at my desk at work. For those songs you don't want others to hear, you can use the headphones/mic.

One of the biggest flaws I found with this PDA phone is the lack of MP3 ringtone support. On a phone so advanced, you'd figure this would be included. The 700p does support MIDI or WAV files, however. Have no fear though, as there are a ton of aftermarket programs available that make MP3 ringtones a possibility. One such program is Lightwav which can be had for around $25.00 USD.


The phone comes with your typical AC power cable for charging. The hotsync cable can also be used to charge the phone from a computer through the USB port. This cable is not very sturdy when plugged in however, and is prone to coming unplugged very easily. This causes a bit of a problem when using the phone as a modem. As long as you can find a nice place to lay the phone while you have it connected, you're ok.

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