Palm Treo 700p (Sprint)
Author: Keith Hamilton
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-23-2006

Steve: Friday at noon? Yeah I can swing that.
Bill: Think you'll remember to bring the extra paperwork?
Steve: Might want to call and remind me.
Bill: Ok, What's your number?


Who remembers when you could guess the prefix of the phone number? Memorizing a number meant keeping up with the last four digits. Since the "Age of Constant Talking", cell phones have taken many turns. First it was just talking; now you can listen to MP3s, keep up with specific appointments, play games, do complex trig functions or even use it as your Internet Service Provider.

Next to the features was size. Cellular phones began their life as bricks, then over time have moved down to the size of a credit card. Now it seems they might be taking a turn in the other direction. PDA phones have taken off as the new office helper. No need to keep that secretary around anymore. These phones can do anything and everything that a secretary could (except cheating on your wife) for a fraction of the cost.

I was recently in the market for such a device and the Sprint Treo 700p caught my eye. Several features stood out to me initially, such as the touch screen, broadband internet and the Palm OS (a Windows-OS based version is also available). Now that I've had the phone for a few months to play with, I felt it necessary to share some of my experience with you guys. Keep in mind this is my first PDA phone review and I am by no means an "expert", but rather, simply a techie wanting to showcase some of the features of this device. First up, the specifications list for the phone taken directly from Palm's site.

More ahead...

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