Thermalright TRue Black 120
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 06-27-2008
Provided by: Thermalright

In typical Thermalright fashion, the TRue Black arrives well guarded by plastic and foam surrounding the heavy cooler. The cooler stands 160mm tall, 132mm wide and 63mm thick; big enough to tip the scales at 790g without a fan. Speaking of fans, there isn't one included, so be prepared to fork out some extra money for at least one 120mm fan to attach to it.

The TRue Black comes with mounting hardware for AMD AM2 and Intel 775 sockets, with an optional kit available for 939. The Intel hardware includes a backing plate, however there isn't one for AMD. An instruction manual and parts checklist, along with the obligatory sticker, round out the contents of the box. The nickel black plating gives the TRue Black a darkened, but still shiny appearance, much like a hyper-black or black chrome finish. The result on the base is a good, although not perfect, reflection.

If you are not familiar with the specs on the Ultra-120, this tower cooler makes use of six heatpipes that go all the way through the base and extend up through 52 aluminum fins, soldered for better heat transfer. The fins have a winged shape with edges turned down at the ends that Thermalright claims helps to minimize airflow resistance. Because the heatpipes extend out from the base in both directions, it's effectively like having a total of twelve heatpipes to carry those high temperatures away from the base.

Next let's take a look at installation.

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