Transcend 2.5-Inch 32GB Solid State Drive
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-15-2008
Provided by: Computer Geeks
Windows Performance

The SATA controller shows the TS32G as a first generation SATA 150 drive and indicates it is using read caching, however write caching has been greyed out and cannot be selected. The SATA interface also does not support NCQ or Native Command Queuing.

The built-in Windows speed test confirms a sustained throughput of 25.9MB/s and no write caching enabled on the drive.

In our Windows XP SP2 installation test the TS32G performed miserably. The controller BIOS had to be changed from AHCI to Legacy SATA in order for the drive to work correctly during the Windows installation. The initial copy portion took nearly 30 minutes to transfer the files from CD to SSD, a process that normally only takes 5-10 minutes. After the reboot it took another 30 minutes just to progress from "39 min remaining" to "34 min remaining", at which point I halted the install and opted to clone the drive instead.

Cloning a previous image to the drive went as expected and at first seemed to be going much faster. Once completed however, the first start up of Windows XP seemed to take forever to finish. Even after successive reboots, the start up time never fell below 10 minutes from initial turn-on to when all Windows processes completed and there was zero hard drive activity. Once everything finished, browsing through the Start menu or opening programs did not seem beyond tolerance, however doing anything that involved heavy disk usage, like copying a large file or invoking excessive paging, would cause response time to come to a crawl.

Let's wrap up this review with some final thoughts and Conclusion.

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